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 As a well-known firm, established in 1996, HU & ASSOCIATES is  engaged in providing international immigration legal service and  relocation services to people and has offices in the main cities, such  as NYC, LA, SF, LV and etc. Our sole purpose is to effectively help  people achieve their immigration goals and make their new life more  beautiful and peaceful. Our team of immigration lawyers and consultants  are highly trained and dedicated professionals who are devoted to  providing the clients with accurate immigration advice and excellent  service. All of our Immigration Consultants are quite familiar with the  relevant immigration acts of the US, which authorizes them to provide  professional immigration advice and a full range of relocation services,  furthermore, ensuring the success rate of doing the cases at the same  time. It’s depending on our professional services and perfect procedures  that all our clients’ dream of reopening the door of their high quality  life in the US had come true.  
    HU & ASSOCIATES entered China at the beginning of 2004, based on  its sincerity and cordiality as well as our professional criteria and  high standard of efficiency; over the years HU & ASSOCIATES has  helped thousands of Chinese clients with their immigration applications  and helped them make their invisible dream of migrating to the US come  into reality.  
    Since the founding of Hu & Associates, it has successfully dealt  with tens of thousands of cases by representing for the customers. The  professional advantages and dedication of attorney John D. Hu and his  team have won the trust of both the Chinese and American customers and  have promoted the business development of the law office. The business  scope of our law office includes kinds of migration application and  commercial disputes. American lawyer John D. Hu refines on the legal  service of American migration and is good at the full service of  business migration, employment-based migration, marriage migration,  relative-based migration as well as kinds of international trade  disputes and economical litigation. Attorney John D. Hu and his team  have successfully sued for some Chinese corporations to further their  interests. Attorney Hu and his employers always follow the tenet of  “customer first” and provide the customers with first-rate service with  high credit, attentive carefulness, advanced technology, abundant  knowledge, refined skills and rich experience.  
    HU & ASSOCIATES warmly welcomes all the consultation from our  potential friends and related friends; favorable and sincere welcome to  you all for coming to our office in the US or in Guangzhou for  consultation. We will definitely and absolutely provide you with our  professional and cordial services and ensure you a one hundred percent  secure and perfect match of your immigration campaign.


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